Days 003, 004, 005, 006, 007 and 008 — 3rd – 8th January

So… I haven’t written in a while. It’s been… a whole week! Time flies! I can say this has been my first crisis since starting this project. It just… My life seems so boring. And it has been for a couple of days. I guess I have just been resting from school, but now I have only few days left of the vacation. I just go crazy whenever I think of chemistry!

I have done NOTHING! this week. Actually, I tidied up my room and nothing else. Yesterday, I went to a birthday party of the most positive person I know. It was lovely. Also, I continued reading a book. It’s Paul Auster’s Leviathan, and it’s really good. I have read half of it, and I have to read the rest quickly or the library will probably call the police, ha-ha.

In the picture you can see cover of the book in Serbian, it looks nice.

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Day 002 — 2nd January

Hey guys! This was an all family day. I didn’t go anywhere today, I just had fun with my family. On the picture we are playing one of my favourite games, Risk. Of course, I’m not winning. I never win when playing with those two! I think they might be cheating. Nevertheless, we were having fun!

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Day 001 — 1st January

Hey everybody!

Happy New Year, and may all of your wishes come true! I don’t know how was your New Year’s eve, but I had the greatest time. We drank and ate, and danced to the beat of the music! A little bit before midnight we went out to the town square to see the fireworks. They were thrilling! I woke up in the noon of January 1st. In the evening I went to my friend’s house to watch Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. God, I love that film! I am a big fan of Harry Potter!

So, how did you spent New Year’s eve?

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Day 000 — The Beginning


First of all, let me introduce myself. I am a sixteen-year old student from Serbia. I like listening to music, reading books, drawing, and much more. I’ll stop writing now because you will get to know me while reading to my posts, I guess.

This is a little project I want to do. As of 1st January 2012 I will be writing my posts regularly, and I will have to post a picture I have taken earlier that day, no matter what it is.

 I will really try my best in fulfilling this mission of mine.
Wish me luck!
Love, Pavle

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